VITOURS has sponsored for road construction in Dai Loc Town, Quang Nam Province

14/04/2024 - 06:48
Last week, in response to calls for a new rural construction and upgrading, VITOURS has sponsored for raod construction in Dai Minh and Dai Cuong, Dai Loc Town of Quang Nam Province. With nearly 2 billion funding to upgrade the road length of 1.5 km, width 5m. The road will help people in 2 communes have more easier accessing and moving around, also help to improve people lving.
Beside this program, every year, VITOURS also participate in many activities such as : support to reward poor but excellent students in this town. With these donations, VITOURS has received many thankful words and highly appreciation from the people in Dai Loc, Quang Nam. People of Dai Ming had proposed to honor VITOURS as the most highly dedication business in Dai Loc Town. 
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